Friday, May 10, 2013

Links May 10

Stop the Plunder of Africa The New York Times
Op-ed by Kofi Annan. See also: Global Witness welcomes Kofi Annan’s call for financial transparency in African resource deals

Africa’s growth must benefit all its citizens Oxfam

Tax, transparency: Agenda for G8 Zambia Daily Mail

Tanzanian Parliament Resolution on Hiding Illicit Money Offshore Zitto na Demokrasia

Uganda: Teachers, Businessmen Sue URA Over Sh183.9 Billion Tax Loss allAfrica

Malawi commits to prevent illicit capital flight Nyasa Times

Argentina offers tax amnesty for undeclared cash Bloomberg Businessweek

Jersey Taskforce To Tackle Illicit Funds Tax-News
"Jersey has established an asset recovery task force to coordinate the island's efforts to identify and recover illicitly obtained assets linked to Arab spring jurisdictions." - Of course, this begs the question, how is it that the assets were taken in there in the first place?

A back door attack on oil payment transparency Oxfam - The Politics of Poverty

Vietnamese boycotting Coca-Cola on the suspicion about transfer pricing Vietnamnet

India: I-T issues guidance on transfer pricing as demand jumps 57% Business Standard

HSBC fears 'significant' penalty in NRI tax evasion probe The Times of India

Towards comprehensive tax reform? TJN Latin America and Caribbean (In Spanish)

Advocacy notes: How EU leaders should respond to tax scandals Eurodad

Barroso Calls For Progress On Anti-Evasion Initiatives Tax-News
The European Commission is to present legislative proposals for extending the scope of automatic exchange of information, Jose Manuel Barroso has confirmed.

EU Commissioner: Time to move 'quicker and harder" against tax evasion  Der Spiegel

Šemeta Calls For 'Ambitious Action' On Tax Avoidance Tax-News

HSBC man who passed clients' details to tax investigators escapes extradition The Guardian

Austria Seeks Tax Compromise With EU On After Standoff Bloomberg

The cracked argument for tax havens
By Richard Murphy and Dan Hind, this mythbuster is part of a series co-ordinated by the New Economics Foundation and the Tax Justice Network. You can read the full length piece here.

Time to End the Tax Havens Huffington Post
By Jeffery Sachs

Silvio Berlusconi's tax fraud conviction upheld on first appeal The Guardian

Tax Authorities Move on Leaked Offshore Documents ICIJ

IRS teams with Australia, UK, to expose tax cheats Huffington Post

Scores of rich Australians dodging taxes, ATO says The Sydney Morning Herald

100 of UK's richest people concealing billions in offshore tax havens The Guardian

Tax in cyberspace The Economist
Online retailers may soon have to collect sales tax. Amazon, oddly, is gloating

How much U.S. offshore cash? Many companies won't tell you The Globe and Mail


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