Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LInks May 14

Who pays the price? Hunger: the hidden cost of tax injustice New report by Christian Aid

FTSE 100's use of tax havens – get the full list The Guardian
See also: UK's top companies condemned for prolific use of tax havens. ActionAid's new research finds that the UK's 100 biggest public companies are running more than 8,000 subsidiaries or joint ventures in onshore and offshore tax havens.

Economic malpractice: time for a moral crusade against tax scams The Guardian

Tax havens are entrenching poverty in developing countries The Guardian

Tax Havens Cost Africa $38 Billion a Year Voice of America

How we can help African nations to extract fair value Financial Times (Subscription)

Interview with Swiss Whisteleblower Ruedi Elmer Association Liberté-info
Update, and comment on recent events.

Before anyone sings Osborne’s praises on information exchange let’s remember he is the only person to sign a Rubik deal with Switzerland Tax Research UK

Singapore steps up international cooperation on tax evasion Reuters

Singapore to eclipse Switzerland as tax haven by 2020 CNN

Luxembourg Abandons 'Unrealistic' Withholding Tax Model Tax-News

Liechtenstein Set For Talks On Automatic Information Exchange Tax-News

Faymann says Austria will agree to EU tax deal Austria

EU Savings Tax Directive amendments: coming soon Available via the-best-of-both-worlds.com

No desks. No staff. No tax. Ireland’s shadow banks The Irish Times

Conference: The Future of taxation of international companies - for a fairer tax policy TJN Germany Blog
Announcing a joint event of DGB, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Tax Justice Network and the World Economy, Ecology & Development - WEED on 19 June.

International Finance Corporation and Deutsche Bank bankrolling Vietnamese land grabs in Cambodia and Laos Global Witness

UK naturalist and comedian Bill Oddie evicted from HSBC HQ while protesting against bank’s role in Malaysian rainforest destruction Global Witness
See the video, a light-hearted look at a deadly serious issue.


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