Thursday, May 16, 2013

Links May 16

Report: Corruption, mismanagement plagues energy-rich nations The Hill
Reporting on Revenue Watch Institute’s  “Resource Governance Index”

How we can help African nations to extract fair value Financial Times
The west has a duty to ensure the region benefits from its resources, writes Paul Collier

Africa Progress Panel lauds Kenya’s decision to introduce mining taxes Business Daily

Tanzania: Govt Wants More Cash From Mining Firms AllAfrica

Argentine tax amnesty plan: A lifeline for a shaky peso or a magnet for organized crime Washington Post

BVI tax haven picks Hong Kong for drive into Asia South China Morning Post
British Virgin Islands gets city's help in opening Asia-Pacific HQ to deal with central banks and regulators from Singapore to Japan

Offshore tax havens like Hong Kong contribute to poverty, says ActionAid South China Morning Post

Havens that are not going away Página 12 (In Spanish)
Hat tip: Jorge Gaggero

Havens Retain Allure For Firms Seeking Flexibility Offshore The Moscow Times
Some very interesting observations, including a quote from an E&Y partner: "You cannot simply take a Cyprus company and replace it like a piece of Lego in Luxembourg. You would need to use several jurisdictions, with several layers of holding companies in order to achieve a cascading system of tax distributions."

Austria and Luxembourg hold out against tougher tax rules European Voice
Sven Giegold, a German Green MEP, called the outcome “shameless obstructionism” by Luxembourg and Austria.

Australia: Big banks enjoying hefty offshore deductions Sydney Morning Herald

U.S.: What the IRS should be scrutinizing Reuters
Why, for example, has the IRS been so indulgent of big, flagrantly partisan tax-exempt groups that have spent hundreds of millions of tax-exempt dollars to influence the last two elections, in clear violation of IRS rules?

Who Hides Money Outside The Country? NPR

Apple target of Senate hearing on offshore taxes Politico

'I think you do evil': MPs confront Google over 'devious', 'calculated' attempt to avoid UK tax - the day after Amazon's own revelations The Independent
Internet giants on back foot after shopping giant admitted it receives more in government grants than it pays in UK corporate tax

Fresh questions for Amazon over pittance it pays in tax The Guardian

Starbucks’ cheque for £20 million is not in the post Tax Research UK

UK Uncut legal case exposes political embarrassment behind Goldman’s tax deal UK Uncut

The UK Gold – a new film on tax avoidance – premiere on 25 June Tax Research UK
See also the write-up in The Telegraph


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