Friday, May 17, 2013

Links May 17

Tax evasion declaration backed The Guernsey Press
'Finance ministers from 17 EU countries have backed a declaration calling for global action to counter tax evasion. They signed a joint statement at talks in Brussels warning that only a comprehensive worldwide system of exchanging tax information between national authorities will beat corporate tax dodgers. “Tax evasion is a global problem and we should look for a global solution, otherwise the problem is simply displaced,” said the statement.'

Communiqué from 8th Meeting of the Forum on Tax Administration, 16-17 May 2013, Moscow OECD
Disappointingly, calls for automatic information exchange within existing treaties instead of demanding a multilateral platform.

EU finance ministers talk tough on tax evasion, but agree on little Eurodad

ECOFIN Agrees On Savings Tax Directive Tax-News

Liechtenstein open to bank data exchange talks with EU Reuters
"We have signalled that we are ready for talks although we can't conceal that automatic exchange of information is not our favourite solution," Liechtenstein's new Prime Minister Adrian Hasler told Reuters in an interview in the capital Vaduz.

Luxembourg PM downplays swift tax evasion deal BloombergBusinessweek

Tax Haven Germany TJN Germany Blog

Massive failure by Cypriot banks on ‘dirty money’ Cyprus Mail
Deloitte said that 70 per cent of “the most complex ownership structures” have nominee shareholders and an average of three layers between the customer and beneficial owner.

Inter-American Development Bank: Latin American Tax Reform Needed The Latin Times

UK, U.S. and Australia investigating tax evaders from the 'offshore leaks' scandal TJN Latin America and Caribbean (In Spanish)

The great tax charade: Amazon plays the system while businesses like ours suffer The Independent
UK Independent bookstore owners write about their campaign against Amazon.

After Google, Amazon to be grilled on UK tax presence Reuters

Apple CEO Tim Cook to propose tax overhaul The Washington Post

Stash your cash in Switzerland? US and Europe push to make it harder. Yahoo News
Includes an overview of the Falciani affair.

Vatican Bank To Begin Publishing Annual Financial Reports Economy Watch

U.S.: Senator Rand Paul's Fight for Offshore Tax Havens Citizens for Tax Justice

Resource Governance Index Revenue Watch Institute
80% of countries fail to achieve good governance in their extractive sectors. Note remarks on the way forward.

Bitcoin exchange shut in online money-laundering crackdown Independent

Bermuda moves up to second in offshore deal volume The Royal Gazette

Austerity and growth: how is it going? Treasure Islands


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