Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Links May 22

What does it take to be an anti-corruption hero? Integrity Awards 2013 Transparency International

EU Tackles Tax Deal, Again The Wall Street Journal
"Leaders at Summit May Set Deadline for Tax Transparency Deal as Opposition Softens"

Google Joins Apple Avoiding Taxes With Stateless Income Bloomberg
See also: One Tax Loophole Apple's Tim Cook And Lawmakers Didn't Talk About Huffington Post, and Ireland: We’re Not Apple’s “Holy Grail of Tax Avoidance” All Things Digital

Russian roulette: Luxembourg new offshore hotspot, Cyprus abandoned RT

India, other FTA members to share 'offshore leaks' tax info Business Standard
On "The Forum on Tax Administration (FTA), during the last meeting in Moscow which saw participation of representatives from 45 nations"

South Korea: Online press unveils list of suspected tax evaders Yonhap News Agency

Greek Offshore Companies Audited Greek Reporter

Soccer: Monaco under fire over tax Team Talk
Monaco have this week launched legal action against the French football authorities following threats to refuse them admission to Ligue 1 in a simmering row over taxes.

Manager magazine: DAX 2500 companies have huge investments in tax havens TJN Germany Blog (In German)

UK: First, David Cameron should bring his own tax havens to book The Guardian

Jersey: Treasure island caught in the searchlight presseurop / El Pais
Cites TJN's Nicholas Shaxson “All the tax havens say the same thing ... They only pull out the OECD listings to try to show how clean they are."

Swiss banks facing huge fine over US assets Economic Times / AFP

France launches public inquiry into tax fraud scandal France 24

Renewed call for global crackdown on tax evasion and tax havens The Socialist International
Statement by SI president George Papandreou

G8 Opens Up to Your Community With G-everyone Meetups Mashable
Crowd-sourcing ideas for G8 leaders happening for 24 hours on June 10


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