Thursday, May 30, 2013

Links May 30

Africa’s riches could ‘dwarf international assistance’: NGO EurActiv

Illicit financial flows have made Africa 'a net creditor to the world' The Guardian

Semeta Says Some EU Nations Make It Too Easy To Avoid Tax Bloomberg

Swiss want their banks to break the law and reveal US tax evaders—for now Quartz
See also commentary blogged earlier

Rwanda: Make Tax Evasion a Risky Venture allAfrica

Nokia's India Tax Troubles Widen The Wall Street Journal

Korea Will Probe Chaebol Executives Named in Tax-Evasion Reports Bloomberg Businessweek

Austria out front as EU zeroes in on tax evasion The Budapest Times

Apple's dirty little tax secret - video Guardian

Apple’s Tax Dodge Should Prompt Rethink in Ireland Bloomberg

Is the OECD puffing bluff so we don’t notice there will be no real progress on tax at the G8? Tax Research UK

Mauritius Central Bank Chief: We're Not A Tax Haven The Wall Street Journal
A common theme.

Documents Show Obama Officials in Tension Over British Banks Deal%k
On the HSBC and Standard Chartered money laundering scandals


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