Monday, June 10, 2013

Global Alliance for Tax Justice - new website

TJN is delighted to see that the Global Alliance for Tax Justice, a new campaigning body that complements TJN's mostly research-focused work, has a new website.

As the GATJ says:
"The Global Alliance for Tax Justice is the new campaigning body that has grown from roots in the research-strong Tax Justice Network. Founded in Lima, Peru in March 2013, GATJ’s initial coalition of 81 organisations is growing daily in every region of the world. We campaign and advocate for a world with fair and equitable tax systems that fund vital public services for all. Join us!

Please start by signing the pledge to help build the global campaign for tax justice. The list of signatories will be publicised in the third week of June, in connection with World Public Services Day (23 June), and shared with government leaders at upcoming G8 and G20 meetings."
The fair share commitment
People around the world, from the south to the north, are raising their voices in a united demand: it’s time for tax justice.

·         Tax justice must be put into action to end poverty, inequality and climate change.

·         Multinational corporations, financiers and the very rich must pay their fair share of taxes.

·         National and international systems that support tax avoidance and tax havens must be stopped.

·         Governments must enforce fair, progressive and transparent tax administration.

·         It’s time for the people of every country to receive our fair share in public services and social protection.

In signing this declaration, we call on world and community leaders, organisations and people to join together to take action – we demand that governments deliver tax justice now!

Please sign online at the Global Alliance for Tax Justice and ask your member organisations to sign now as well.
Sign your organisation up here.

Also see GATJ's Facebook page here.


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