Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Links Jun 25

How Canada's banks help money move in and out of tax havens CBC News

Tax Evasion: Nigerian Court Orders US Oil Firm ExxonMobil To Pay $83 million For 2008-NAN Sahara Reporters

Africa: Offshore Centres, Financial Justice and Multinational Business allAfrica

Nairobi’s tax shelter status booming as firms flee tough laws Standard

Tax protest to turn HSBC branches into food banks Financial Times
See press release from UK Uncut here

The City of London: a giant opportunity cost Treasure Islands

Germany Launches Tax Avoidance Probe on Barclays' 'Dividend Stripping' International Business Times

Credit Suisse faces $1.2-billion US penalty: lawyer The Local

Swiss scramble to get banks off US tax hook Malaya Business Impact

French business tycoon Bernard Tapie arrested for questioning over alleged conspiracy with former President Nicolas Sarkozy to 'defraud' the state The Independent

Cayman: Taylor kicks Tempura to CoP Cayman News Service
Update on the story of Operation Tempura in Cayman, a corruption case highlighting alleged misgovernance between Britain and its offshore financial centre.

Questions About Pfizer's Taxes Huffington Post

What happened to Amazon’s tax in Japan? Tax Research UK

Op-Ed: Knowing Your Customer Must Mean Knowing the Real Owner U.S. Dept of Treasury

U.S.: Gensler Staring Down Administration and Banks on Derivatives Reform naked capitalism

U.S.The Political 1% of the 1% in 2012 Sunlight Foundation
"In the 2012 election, 28 percent of all disclosed political contributions came from just 31,385 people. In a nation of 313.85 million, these donors represent the 1% of the 1%, an elite class that increasingly serves as the gatekeepers of public office in the United States." And check out their top employers.

U.S.: On Penny Pritzker, where's the outrage? Politico
President Obama's choice for Commerce secretary "has understated her income by tens of millions of dollars, clashed openly with organized labor, benefited from offshore tax havens and invested in financial instruments that helped precipitate the 2008 financial meltdown."

Italy equal opportunities minister quits over tax evasion scandal Euronews

Italy police launch tax probe into soccer player trades Reuters

Europe shows green light to Gibraltar tax law Gibralter Chronicle

Fat Joe jailed for tax evasion Toronto Sun


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