Thursday, June 27, 2013

Links Jun 27

Global investment falters but tax havens prosper, U.N. finds Reuters

Swiss Parliamentary Committee Backs FATCA IGA Tax-News

Administration, Congress Trying to Give Gensler the Brooksley Born Treatment over Derivatives Reform naked capitalism
See also earlier TJN blog Derivatives WMD: lobbyists seeking to remove 'burdensome' safety catches

Vodafone Asks For More Time On Indian Dispute Tax-News

Arrest threat to journalist pacific.scoop
"The arrival of investigative journalist Nicky Hager and his upcoming talk on the Cook Islands as a tax haven has upset the financial services industry, to the point of making veiled threats to arrest him."

Australian Taxation Office chief warns on profit shifting Sydney Morning Herald

Can the OECD Be Trusted on Base Erosion? Huffington Post

In Monaco, between the real economy and a tax haven black list Worldcrunch/Les Echos
Hat tip: Offshore Watch

Tax havens are here to stay, thanks to 'City UK' Guardian

Pull the other one, Mr Schmidt. It's got bells on. The Financial Crimes
From a few days ago, on the Google tax-dodging story, a good comment to note: 'Now Mr Schmidt may try to sound "perplexed", but the reality is that it is quite tricky to fall outside the scope of corporation tax, unless you really want to.'

The UK Gold – first look review Guardian
"Mark Donne's documentary on the UK tax avoidance industry will outrage and appal"

Bermuda: we are not a tax haven Guardian
A familiar theme

Hip-Hop & Taxes: 10 Artists Targeted By The IRS  The Koalition

Bono defends U2's tax switch MSN


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