Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Links Jun 4

States want to revoke bank licenses TJN Germany Blog (In German)

Gibraltar tries to lure London hedge fund bosses with promise of low taxes The Guardian
See also: Is Gibraltar the perfect example of capture of the state by finance? Tax Research UK

"The Swiss have understood that the lines have moved" Le Temps (In French)
Pascal Saint-Amans defends automatic information exchange at a meeting with asset managers.

Switzerland Unifies Criminal Tax Law Tax-News

UBS France put under formal investigation Reuters

Andorra to introduce income tax for first time BBC

Bahamas: Government 'Right To Penalise' Canada Banks Via Taxes Tribune242

Evidence found of assets concealed by former president’s son The Hankyoreh
Involves a BVI company with an account at the Singapore branch of Arab Bank

Vatican bank chief: "We haven't rendered a good service to the Holy Father" Fox News

Is Kenya the new Ireland to tax dodgers? New Left Project / The Rules

Ireland rejects U.S. senator claims as tax spat rumbles on Reuters
See also: US senators rebuff Irish ambassador’s letter on tax haven claims The Irish Times

Apple Is Not Alone Citizens for Tax Justice
Dell, Microsoft and Fifteen Other Fortune-500 Corporations’ Financial Reports Indicate Their Offshore Profits Are In Tax Havens; Hundreds More Likely Do the Same

A Better Way to Tax the Multinationals Huffington Post

Washington 'Spends' More on Tax Breaks Than on Medicare, Defense, or Social Security The Atlantic

SEC raging war against empty shell companies USA Today

Whistleblower Reveals World Bank Corruption Activist Post
Hat tip: Offshore Watch


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