Friday, June 07, 2013

Links Jun 7

Groundbreaking proposal for country-by-country reporting TJN Germany Blog (In German)

Voluntary country-by-country reporting is about as useful as a chocolate screwdriver Tax Research UK

The United Nations Practical Manual on Transfer Pricing: a bluffer’s guide Martin Hearson's blog
See also: UN transfer pricing manual: what Brazil, India and China do differently

David Cameron talking tough on tax as G8 nears – but what can he deliver? The Guardian

President of USCCB Joins Other Bishops' Conferences in Letter to Leaders of G8 Nations; Urges Them to Protect the Poor, Address Fair Trade, Transparency United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
Catholic Bishops of G8 countries take on tax evasion and transparency ahead of summit

France: Taxation - new rules for companies Les Echos (In French)

Apple shop in London targeted by Mark Thomas and tax protesters The Guardian

Biggest Irish companies paid tax at eight times Apple's rate Irish Independent

France extends UBS tax probe swissinfo

Swiss Lawmakers Put Brakes on Bank Tax Disclosure Wall Street Journal

Sweetheart Deferred Prosecution Deals for Swiss Banks Huffington Post

Tax Transparency Bill Through Australian House Tax-News
Bangladesh: Black Money The Daily Star
"The government has kept the scope for whitening black money once again — a move observers see as an attempt to please a section of influential people."

Argentina Approves Tax-Amnesty Law Tax-News


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Nice list, T JN!

I think this is a great way to get exposure to other tax news sources and to your own blog as well! I found yours through doing link searches for taxes. I'll be using this posting method in my own blog as well to see how it goes.

These links provide great news for both Income Taxes and Online Taxes. Keep up the great blog and keep educating people about their taxes.

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