Friday, June 28, 2013

UNCTAD, new report on global investment flows

From UNCTAD, a detailed new report on international investment flows. Among other things, it notes:
Investments to OFCs remain at historically high levels. In 2012 FDI flows to OFCs [offshore financial centres] were almost $80 billion, despite a contraction of about $10 billion (-14 per cent) compared with 2011. Flows to OFCs have boomed since 2007, following the start of the financial crisis. The average annual FDI inflows to OFCs in the period 2007–2012 were $75 billion, well above the $15 billion average of the pre-2007 period (2000–2006).
This blog is merely a marker for this report: due to time constraints we cannot currently examine it in detail. Among other things, we'd like to understand what they mean by "OFC" Other useful and fairly recent papers on this subject, include Francis Weyzig's paper on tax treaty shopping here, focusing on the Netherlands, and ActionAid's recent report estimating that:
"one in every two dollars of large corporate investment in developing countries is now being routed from or via a tax haven."


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