Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ActionAid's Tax Power campaign: going global

From ActionAid (with a couple of tiny tweaks of our own to make it blogg-able):
"In July ActionAid has increased its efforts in the fight for tax justice by the launch of the Tax Power! Campaign. This effectively enlarges the campaign thatActionaid  have run in a couple of countries for 5 years to almost 20 more countries. The following ActionAid offices have or will be launching ActionAid’s Tax Power! campaign; ActionAid Bangladesh, Actionaid Ghana, Actionaid Kenya, ActionAid Mozambique, ActionAid Nigeria, Actionaid Uganda, Actionaid Zambia, Actionaid Australia, ActionAid Denmark, Actionaid Netherlands, Actionaid Sweden, ActionAid UK, and Actionaid USA - with more countries starting activities throughout 2013.

With this campaign we are joining people in poor communities to stop corporate tax dodging, end tax breaks and demand tax transparency to make sure that enough public funds are available to finance and invest in gender responsive and progressive public services. To learn more please visit our ActionAid website for #TaxPower and…

1.       Read ActionAid’s report ”Give us a break – How big companies are getting tax-free deals” which exclusively reveals that the tax breaks given by developing countries to big companies cost over US$138 billion in tax every year globally. It is so much money, it could put the 57 million children who currently don’t go to primary school, into the classroom, AND meet international targets on basic health care provision, AND provide agricultural investment needed to end hunger.

2.       Watch and share the inspiring 3-minute animated video.

3.       Take part in the global #taxpaysfor photo action. Write your message on a piece of paper including ‘#taxpaysfor’, ask your friend to take a picture of you holding it, and tweet it using #taxpaysfor – or, email your picture with your first and last name to us at and we will tweet it for you and add your picture to the gallery on Have a look at the #TaxPaysFor Tumblr site and browse through the photos that have been shared so far!

We are committed to supporting the global tax justice movement and working in coalitions at the national and global levels.  Please do get in contact with ActionAid if you’d like to get in touch with an ActionAid office working on tax justice in your country."


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