Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Links Jul 17

Japan Shows How to Stop Corporate Tax Evasion Using Tax Havens Huffington Post
Report by Dennis Howlett of Canadians for Tax Fairness

Bangladesh: Rights activists for increasing corporate & direct tax The New Nation
For more see EquityBD.

Study on Taxation in Cameroon: Identification of key issues related to tax justice Tax Justice Network-Africa

Dutch review double taxation treaties with developing countries Times of Malta. Also see our latest blog on the topic here.

Qatar gov’t fined for UK tax avoidance Arabian Business

USA: Corporate Tax Amnesty Bill to Fund an Infrastructure Bank Slammed in Letter to U.S. House of Representatives - “Repatriation Tax Holiday” Would Reward Tax Dodgers, Groups Say TJN-USA
Read the joint letter to the House of Representatives here.

Ex-Vatican bank officials broke anti-money laundering laws, prosecutors say Reuters

The "Human Touch": The Key To Digging Up Court Records ICIJ

Did Israel drop a terrorism-related money-laundering suit to get closer to China? Quartz

Egypt In Crisis: A Look At Corruption Figures For The Last Two Years Financial Transparency Coalition Blog


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