Thursday, July 25, 2013

Links Jul 25

Most of TJN's bloggers are currently away, so posting will be relatively limited for the time being.

The tax break that corporate America wants kept secret CNN Money
Oracle, Google, and Amazon are just a few of the hundreds of large companies that have cut confidential deals with the IRS to help lower their tax bills, and critics want the agency to disclose the details of these complex pacts.

Apple’s record cash haul could repay Detroit’s debt eight times over Quartz
Apple now has $146.6 billion in cash and marketable securities on its balance sheet, with some $106 billion kept offshore

Gambia’s now got an 0207 London number if it’s the new tax haven that you’re looking for Tax Research UK

Nigeria: Ekiti reads riot act to tax defaulters The Guardian Nigeria

Africa: Why governance and country ownership is critical to development progress

EU Chiefs Advise On Tax Avoidance Tax-News

Italian police crack billion euro tax evasion ring Reuters

Italian PM Enrico Letta pledges war on tax evasion AFP

Belgian Development Bank no longer to invest in tax havens Mondiaal Nieuws

Swiss Minister Wants Level Playing Field for Sharing Bank Data Bloomberg Businessweek

UK: Formula One pays just £1million corporation tax on £300million profit The Independent

Pakistan: President Zardari lets off man probed for $1.1 bn tax evasion Zee News

Criminal Indictment Is Expected for SAC Capital Advisors Dealb%k

Car parks for global wealth: the super-rich in London openDemocracy


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