Monday, July 29, 2013

Links Jul 29

Most of TJN's bloggers are currently away, so posting will be relatively limited for the time being.

U.S. Seeks PNC, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Records To Find Tax Cheats--From Norway Forbes

U.S.: Business Tax Reform Principles proposed by TJN-USA and FACT coalition partners - letter to Senate
Read the technical options paper here.
See also: Tax writers promise 50 years of secrecy for senators' suggestions The Hill

The Nike Air Max isn’t just a shoe. It’s also a tax haven. Quartz

Russian Authorities To Investigate Google’s Tax Practices Tech Week

How Facebook and Goodle avoided hundreds of millions in Israeli taxes Worldcrunch

Dell Considered Novel Tax Strategy in Buyout Dealb%k

US drug company pays premium for tax haven with $8.6bn Irish takeover The Independent

Minimise this: A plan for curbing tax avoidance begins to take shape The Economist
On the OECD Action Plan on corporate tax avoidance. See the TJN press release here.

U.S.: IRS pursuing 'stateless income' tax enforcement -official Reuters

Op-Ed: NewJourno and the IRS 100 Reporters

Pakistan:Probe into mega tax fraud cases: FBR helping NAB and other agencies Business Recorder

Berlusconi won't seek 'exile' if tax fraud conviction upheld Reuters

Revenue inquiry on Irish clients of HSBC with Swiss accounts Irish Times

Credit Suisse Says No Guarantee of U.S Tax Settlement This Year Bloomberg Businessweek

Almost 30,000 UK, Austrian tax dodgers disclose Swiss accounts Reuters
See also recent TJN blog Swiss bankers confess that their UK tax deal has failed

The UK Transparency Bill – extending the requirement for corporate transparency to the UK’s tax havens Tax Research UK

Secrecy jurisdictions and the ASX 100 companies that use them Australian Financial Review

Tax Dodgers Sans Frontières The Global Mail
"The companies robbing the world, and why it finally matters."

Russia Seeks Interpol to Explain Rejection of Warrant Request for Browder Ria Novosti
Latest update in the Magnitsky case.

Dolce & Gabbana Close Over Conviction---Temporary Or Final? Forbes

Steven Cohen throws a party despite his fund's indictment Reuters

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