Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Links Jul 30

Most of TJN's bloggers are currently away, so posting will be relatively limited for the time being.

G20 finance ministers: frenetic activity, little progress Eurodad

OECD avoidance plan is no quick fix accountingweb
See also OECD BEPS report confirms the international tax system is failing rich and poor nations Africa Business. For TJN press release see here.

Africa: Hi-Tech Action to Stop Capital Flows allAfrica / Trustmedia

Nigeria: Govt Targets Off-Shore Tax Evasion allAfrica / Trustmedia

6 Reasons Why Top Australian Companies Have Set Up Shop In Singapore Business Insider Australia

Latvia: the Next Cyprus? The National Interest
See also Latvia: Here comes the "Luxembourg of the poor"? negocios (in Portuguese), and recent TJN blog post Latvia: an emerging European tax haven

First Tax Haven in Armenia Launched Asbarez

"Black Money" Flows- Time for Global Action The Pioneer

Despite Jersey’s claims the OECD has not congratulated Jersey on its tax transparency Tax Research UK

U.S. Taxes on Overseas Earnings and the Race to the Bottom Wall Street Journal
Letter from TJN-USA's Nicole Tichon in response to recent editorial.

U.S. companies & offshore tax shelters Muckety - Mapping connections of the rich, famous & influential
How widespread are foreign tax dodges by America’s biggest companies? See the interactive map - great graphic.

Nike’s Bermuda Connection Highlighted Bernews

U.S.:Shedding Light on Advance Pricing Agreements Huffington Post

Transfer price tax risk ‘a priority’ for companies Business Day Live

Exporters mispricing goods to stash away dollars overseas The Economic Times

Ministers accused of money laundering in Mauritius Newstime Africa

Vatican confirms deal on bank information with Italy Reuters
See also: Italy and Vatican Sign Tax Agreement Taxation - International News and Information

Italian ministers publish incomes online in transparency drive Reuters

Swiss agree to share bank details The Sydney Morning Herald
Switzerland, has agreed on request to hand over the secret bank account details of Australians. For why "on request" is no solution, see resources here.

Here are the implications of Singapore's move to FATCA compliance Singapore Business


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