Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Links Jul 31

Most of TJN's bloggers are currently away, so posting will be relatively limited for the time being.

Info Tax Justice #10: Offshore-Leaks and what follows TJN Germany Blog (In German)

President Obama Clings to His Proposed Business Tax "Reform" that Would Raise No Revenue in the Long-Run Citizens for Tax Justice
See also: Biggest U.S. Firms Park $1.2 Trillion in Profits Offshore, Study Finds Wall Street Journal on the new study by U.S. PIRG

UK: Punish tax-dodging multinationals, says Lords committee The Telegraph
See also: The House of Lords recommend some deeply regressive corporate tax reforms Tax Research UK

Revealed: Nazi-looted Czech gold sold by Bank of England RT

Diamond revenues could be funding Zimbabwe election-rigging Global Witness

Meet the new UN tax committee Martin Hearson's Blog

Liechtenstein bank pays US $23.8 million for tax evasion globalpost/ Agence France Presse

Paris tax hunt sends French to Switzerland The Local

Tackling Tax Havens Center for American Progress


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