Friday, August 16, 2013

Links Aug 16

Daddy's Girl: How An African 'Princess' Banked $3 Billion In A Country Living On $2 A Day Forbes. Helped by many tax havens, of course.

Is Delaware a Tax Haven? priceonomics
See also: Exploring the Role Delaware Plays as a Domestic Tax Haven Social Science Research Network

India Limits Capital Flows Bloomberg Businessweek

India Consults On Safe Harbor Rules Tax-News

Swiss open door to helping tax crackdowns spurred by stolen data Reuters. "Stolen" is a loaded, Swiss-friendly word in this context; Reuters should choose a more neutral one.
See also: Man accused of selling Swiss bank data agrees plea bargain Reuters

Switzerland Lures French Businesses With Low Taxes Tax-News. More of the same.

Australia: Tax haven plan to make Northern Territory into a Singapore with crocs ABC

Abolish the UK’s tax havens War on Want

How to end foreign aid and not alienate people The Guardian
Doesn't mentioned the aid alternative: tax. However, see: 'Unsexy' tax reform can change development dynamics The Guardian, see also: CDC used tax havens for almost 50% of aid investments, data reveals The Guardian - Controversial UK development fund spent almost £180m via jurisdictions including Cayman Islands and Luxembourg

Eastern Caribbean Central Bank takes over two Anguilla banks Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

New evidence ties BSGR to company behind Guinea mine bribery Global Witness

Randgold seeks arbitration in Mali tax dispute BusinessReport / Reuters

Washington Post Owner Jeff Bezos Does Not Believe in Taxes Citizens for Tax JusticeThe news that Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of, is going to buy the Washington Post for $250 million is shining the light on Bezos’ politics and Amazon's corporate behaviour. He had wanted to set Amazon up on an Indian Reservation to escape taxes.

The Corporate Tax Shell Game U.S. News
See also: The US won’t like tax inversions to Europe, of that you can be sure Tax Research UK

Company Profits Without Borders Spurs Government Scrutiny: Taxes Bloomberg

Divorce, a “fantastic charade”, and offshore finance FT Alphaville

AS Monaco faces taxing football issues BBC

The Rise and Fall of the Superstar Slate
Evidence on why the 'Superstar effect' hasn't been driving inequality, at least in the US.

How the wealthy keep themselves on top Financial Times
"The more unequal a society, the greater the incentive for the rich to pull up the ladder behind them."

Luxembourg’s teachers make twice as much as America’s Quartz

US Study Finds Correlation Between Tax And Timing Of Births Tax-News


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