Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Links Aug 28

Africa: Extractive Sector Is Critical to Africa's Illicit Money Outflows - Mbeki allAfrica

India: Transfer pricing: I-T dept told to respond to Vodafone, Shell’s petitions livemint

Barbados: Two weeks before the G20 summit, offshore state capture still alive and well Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Why regulatory actions and criminal investigations are good for OFCs Cayman Financial Review
Interesting piece by David Marchant of Offshore Alert

Release Of Offshore Records Draws Worldwide Response ICIJ

Offshore-Adviser Plea Marks a Shift in Tax Crackdown The Wall Street Journal

Swiss Banks agree plan to end US tax evasion row swissinfo

2 signs that secrecy is still good business: Cayman registration income up 50%; Citywealth mag preparing 2014 awards Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Gun-Toting Woman Leads Philippines Tax Evasion Battle Bloomberg

Britain is fast turning into a Banana Republic, wilfully blind to corruption Ian Fraser's Blog
See also: The Saudi-GPT deal inquiry must not be another whitewash The Guardian

U.S.: IRS scrutinizes certain corporate buyouts involving debt CNN Money
"The next big private equity buyout will likely involve an offshore affiliate, a flurry of money exchanges, a lower tax bill, and higher returns. But the IRS is knocking."

Tuesday Tax Trade-off: Food for Low-income Families vs. Tax Subsidies for CEO Bonuses Americans for Tax Fairness
See also the fact sheet, Table of Tax Tradeoffs

Maximizing shareholder value: The goal that changed corporate America The Washington Post

Hedge Funds Win 2nd Circuit Court Ruling in NML Capital vs. Argentina; Global Poor Lose Jubilee USA

As world focuses on Manning and Miranda cases, developing nations are jailing journalists in record numbers ICIJ

Papua New Guinea money laundering Yahoo News
"They see Australia as the Cayman Islands. They see that it is the safest place where they can bring their stolen money from PNG."


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