Thursday, August 29, 2013

Links Aug 29

Swiss Agree on Program for Banks to Settle U.S. Dispute Bloomberg
See also: U.S. And Swiss Reach Deal On Evaders---More Guilty Pleas Over Offshore Accounts Forbes

Jersey, Bermuda and BVI on new official French tax haven blacklist Les Echos (In French). The blacklist is here. France blacklisted them because they wouldn't satisfactorily comply with French laws.

Pakistan reports big rise in tax revenues as reforms kick in Reuters. This is a big deal, especially in light of this.

Nearly Five Years After the Financial Meltdown, Support for Wall Street Reform Remains Strong Americans for Financial Reform. Public support remains the greatest hope.

Argentina: Where vultures dare Al Jazeera
"Vulture funds" seeking payment from Argentina have won a major court victory, setting a dangerous precedent.

Bangladesh: Transfer pricing law to be enforced from June next The Financial Express

India Drafts Safe Harbor Policy to Reduce Transfer Pricing Disputes India Brief

Russia: Companies may be obliged to provide information on offshore status RAPSI
Offshore centres give ground to onshore: BCG report International Adviser

Isle of Man Signs Tax Agreement With Switzerland Tax-News
Just how much use will this be? And, behind the times - see here and here.

Amazon takes tax fight to Supreme Court Financial Times (paywall)

Executive Excess 2013: Bailed Out, Booted, and Busted Institute for Policy Studies

Shake-up looms in Singapore banking, wealth managers warn Financial Times (paywall)
See also comment on Tax Research UK

Time to end the dangerous shell game The Hill

What really happens when journalists meet Thomson Reuters
"If the Thomson Reuters Foundation advanced finance and governance course were a trending topic on Twitter, the key words would be ‘Tax Havens’, ‘Tax Avoidance’, ‘Multinationals’ and the majestic continent of Africa."

Notenstein Emerges From Dark Shadow of Wegelin Bank The Wall Street Journal

Liechtenstein bank reports US tax deal hits profits France 24 / AP


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