Thursday, September 19, 2013

Links Sep 19

Update on: From West Africa To Tibet, New Locales Enter The Offshore Secrecy Market ICIJ

Democratic Countries Generate 26% More Tax Revenues From Multinational Corporations Than Authoritarian Countries TaxProf Blog

European Commission - Directorate-General for Taxation: more information on the Platform for Tax Good Governance 4-Traders

Liechtenstein Congratulated On Successful Tax Policy Tax-News
Standard and Poor's has maintained Liechtenstein's triple A rating ... while describing the financial industry, consisting mostly of asset managers, regional banks, and trusts, as a "contingent fiscal liability". See a recent example of views on S&P rating integrity here.

UK: Big business is policing tax avoidance – what could possibly go wrong The Guardian
Prem Sikka observes that the government's sense of morality is to appoint foxes to guard the henhouse, and asks: who is safeguarding the interests of the ordinary people?

Organised crime, corruption and money laundering: MEPs table crackdown hit list European Parliament News

India: New Transfer Pricing Rules To Reduce Tax Disputes Business World

India, US end three-year-old deadlock; to talk tax issues again The Economic Times

Jersey puts the foxes in charge of defining the hen-house Tax Research UK
British Virgin Islands: BVI Beacon readers respond to polls on tax and secrecy Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

UK: Private equity reacts to tax criticism Financial Times (paywall)
"Treasury chief secretary said as much as £100m could be raised by stopping partners classifying part of their earnings as eligible for corporation tax, which is half the level of income tax.

Cutting corporate tax loopholes is not food for kids The Hill
An Underfunded IRS Means More Tax Avoiders Get a Pass Citizens for Tax Justice

FedEx Responds to Citizens for Tax Justice, Avoids the Tough Questions about Its Taxes

Siemens and the battle against bribery and corruption The Guardian

UBS Japan fined $100 million over Libor affair swissinfo

U.S.: Treasury Department’s Disingenuous Answers to Elizabeth Warren on Dodd Frank, Too Big to Fail naked capitalism


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