Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Links Sep 17

On Correspondent Bank Accounts ... the Achilles Heel of Offshore Banking Offshore Alert

A Tiny Malaysian Island Has Quietly Become A Favorite New Global Tax Haven Worldcrunch

5 things I learned about tax havens after 1 month of following their national media Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Specialist To Explain FATCA In BVI Tax-News

India: Protecting the revenue base The Hindu Business Line

Ugly reality of tax dodgers of Africa Africa Review

Tax evasion holding back Africa's growth The Star

Kenya Revenue Authority smokes out audit firms and multinationals in Sh4b tax evasion scheme Standard Media

Kenya: Move to drop tax waivers for foreign contractors welcome Standard Media

So what exactly stops Kenya publishing its contracts? OpenOil

Zimbabwe lost US$12 billion in illegal financial outflows Nehanda Radio

South Africa: The taxing affair of tax avoidance on trusts Business Day

G20 tax push to hit hard in finance sector South China Morning Post

EU ministers seek to strengthen tax evasion fight Boston Herald

Now Amazon embroiled in EU tax probe The Independent

Six countries would like to know how this Israeli billionaire earned 15 times his investment in Guinea Quartz

MG Rover debacle can’t hide accounting regulation failures The Conversation
Prem Sikka comments.

Cayman judge rules 'major British bank' must not comply with British money laundering investigation Offshore Alert

Complying With U.S. Tax Evasion Law Is Vexing Foreign Banks Dealb%k

The SEC may get JP Morgan to pay over $700 million—but more importantly, to ‘fess up Quartz


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