Monday, September 23, 2013

Links Sep 23

Tax Evasion Isn't Just for Beanie-Baby Billionaires Anymore Nasdaq / Motley Fool

Offshore Accounts: No Place to Hide? The Wall Street Journal

Google and Facebook face tougher EU tax and privacy rules Financial Times (paywall)

Luxembourg: When secrecy backfires Financial Secrecy Media Monitor
See also our recent blog Tax haven Luxembourg sets up yet another secrecy facility for ownerless assets

Cyprus news: Finance Minister says Russian business “instrumental in the development of Cypriot economy” Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Why a Multimillion Dollar Clock Might Mean Time is Up for Francafrique Think Africa Press

FATCA’s ruining our business, moan tax havens iExpat

World Bank's Top Economist Picks A Fight With Inequality Institutional Investor
Points out that global coordination is needed to avoid a "war of tax regimes".

Britain and France to square up over Google data tax The Telegraph

Why Bitcoin Regulation Isn’t a Crackdown Pacific Standard


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