Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Xavier Harel TV programme: why tax havens threaten democracy

Tonight France's Arte television channel is carrying a big programme about tax havens by Xavier Harel, entitled Pourquoi les paradis fiscaux menacent les démocraties. Read about it here. For French speakers, see this preview, below.

"Les Etats ont les moyens de lutter contre l... by Challenges

The programme will, among many other things, challenge the idea that big progress has been made against tax havens in St Petersburg. 


Anonymous anrigaut said...

An excellent and well-constructed film. Full marks to Xavier and those who participated (including Nick Shaxson and John Christensen of TJN). Although I didn't actually watch it, I noted there was another film on the same subject showing the following evening on Direct 8 (another French channel) in the series "En quête d'actualité" by Guy Lagache. Together with the recent actions of the French government in black-listing several Crown dependencies, maybe this issue is at last getting some traction with a wider public here in France. Not before time ...!

1:41 am  

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