Friday, October 18, 2013

Links Oct 18

Switzerland: Stolen data tax aid rejected swissinfo
See also: Chocolates, Cheese, Cuckoo Clocks And The Coming Vote To Maintain Hypocrisy Jeffery Robinson's blog

US bankers attack London and China’s ‘lovefest’ Financial Times (Paywall)
See also: The risks for the City of becoming China's offshore centre BBC and Jersey Explores The Middle Kingdom Tax-News

Isle Of Man First To Sign UK FATCA-Style Agreement Tax-News

Italy economy minister says restarts Swiss tax talks Reuters
First, the UK admits its corrupt Swiss tax deal has failed. Now Italy wants to sign one!

UK: Despite the tough talk, this government is far too soft on tax evasion The Guardian
Just 1 prosecution in UK from Lagarde list of 6000 Brit tax evaders - not 1 hour in prison. But benefit fraud....

London luring foreign companies with low taxes IFC Review

U.S.: Levin-McCain Statement on Ireland’s Decision to Reform its Tax Rules
See also: Ireland supports country-by-country reporting in amongst its unsustainable international tax strategy Tax Research UK

Tax avoidance is not covered by international law TJN Germany Blog (In German)

Federal government blocked tax transparency TJN Germany Blog (In German)

Giant Companies Pinpricked by ‘Direct Democracy’ IPS
"A Swiss village has decided to reject tax money from the firm Glencore and to instead donate it to charities. Other towns may follow, sending a strong signal to the government to follow the U.S. and the EU and introduce transparency rules for the extractive industry."

Latest update - Release Of Offshore Records Brings Worldwide Response ICIJ

EU opens tax evasion probe over Gibraltar’s corporate taxation following Spanish complaint The Washington Post

Bahamas FM Encourages Entrepreneurship In Compliance Tax-News

Bank Frey ceases banking activities swissinfo
"The Zurich-based Bank Frey has called it quits, citing an inability to meet rising costs and obligations associated with the US tax evasion fight."

Survey highlights toll on bankers’ health swissinfo

Richard Branson denies being a tax exile The Guardian


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