Monday, October 28, 2013

Links Oct 28

Tax Justice: A Human Rights Issue? L4BB
Conference at University of Johannesburg, 21 November 2013

Trusts: Hastings-Bass rule is back in force in Jersey STEP
"The rule ... has traditionally allowed trustees who have made a costly mistake to apply to a court to have their action voided. This allowed the adverse consequences ‒ usually tax-related ‒ to be nullified without the need for the trust beneficiaries to sue the trustees for negligence or breach of trust."

Belgium claims millions in tax over Swiss accounts Reuters

Latest update: Release Of Offshore Records Draws Worldwide Response ICIJ

Shining a Light on the Mysteries of State: The Origins of Fiscal Transparency in Western Europe IMF

Marty Sullivan figured out how the world’s biggest companies avoided billions in taxes. Here’s how he wants to stop them. The Washington Post

Bankers Or Bandits? New Rules On Tax Evasion Put Singapore Bankers In The Dock Forbes

Revenue collects €4.3m after French pass on tax details The Irish Times
Data from overseas investigations into offshore structures to be shared with Ireland.

Ireland’s most connected tax lobbyist says the “double Irish” will soon be history Quartz
See also: Man Making Ireland Tax Avoidance Hub Proves Local Hero Bloomberg

Believe it or not, France may be losing its appetite for taxes Quartz

U.S. sham corporations aid drug lords CNN
See also: A Look Behind the Shell Corporations Open Society Foundations, and their briefing paper Terrorism, Inc.: How Shell Companies Aid Terrorism, Crime, and Corruption

'We got away with murder': £2.2m avoidance boast of Gordon Ramsay's tax expert in leaked memo Daily Mail

UK: Sub-prime lender Swift Group used loophole to avoid paying £74m in tax The Independent
Special investigation reveals how a firm that was rebuked by regulators is able to boost its profits while its customers struggle to pay.


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