Friday, November 01, 2013

Links Nov 1

Trusts and financial transparency: The weak link The Economist
UK moves to curb corporate secrecy, sort of: now see this fine Economist article about trusts. See also: Corporate ownership: Shell game The Economist, and Open Ownership: UK Leads Center for Global Development, and UK to make public true owners of companies in drive against tax evasion, crime Thomson Reuters

Talking tax and transparency with EU governments Eurodad

African Extractives On The Frontline Of Global Struggle For Tax And Commodities Africa Progress Panel

Taxing Africa – by Mick Moore Africa Research Institute
Hat tip: Offshore Watch

Foreign aid is not the only African story worth hearing The Guardian
Tax evasion and illicit flows, from a Tanzanian perspective.

Zambia Finance Minister Says Mine Tax Must Meet Country’s Needs Bloomberg

South Korea: FTC may mull levying tax on intra-group deals involving offshore affiliates  Global Post / Yonhap News Agency

South Korea: Stock inflows from tax havens top 55 tln won Yonhap News

Greece’s Aggressive Pursuit of Tax Evaders Appears to Collect More Anger Than Money New York Times

American bankers afraid to leave Swiss haven amid U.S. tax crackdown The Japan Times

Why is Facebook’s tax rate so much higher than those of its competitors? Quartz

New guidance on direct FATCA reporting to IRS STEP

Samoa haven taxed at 33 percent Samoa Observer

The UK banking sector: above a certain size, worse than useless? Treasure Islands Blog

Osborne's plan to tax foreign property owners is smart politics and smart economics New Statesman


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