Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Links Nov 12

Financial Secrecy Index score used as risk indicator in new OECD anti-corruption handbook Financial Secrecy Media Monitor
Announcing seminar on December 11; a collaboration between the Halifax Initiative, CCIC, Inter Pares and Canadians for Tax Fairness.

Dirty money: Mistrust the trusts The Economist
See also our simplified primer on trusts

France to more than double penalties for non-reporting of trusts STEP

Beyond aid: Supporting Southern Countries to Raise their own Resources for Development Halifax Initiative

Under The Umbrella: Tax Haven Cocktails The Global Mail
Reporting on the 2013 Financial Secrecy Index: "Australia is cleaning up some of its own tax-avoiders, but for those with money to launder – especially from Papua New Guinea – it’s a nice place to wash up."

Germany once again among the top 10 international tax havens TJN Germany Blog (In German)
Features report by a coalition of NGOs -Global Policy Forum, MISEREOR, TJN and World Economy, Ecology & Development (WEED) - Financial Secrecy Centre Germany.

Switzerland 'grandfather of world's tax havens': report NDTVProfit
See also: Switzerland retains top spot in financial secrecy index The Times of India

Activists demand that UK act on tax havens The Copenhagen Post

‘I never felt I was a money launderer’ Compass Cayman
An illuminating report.

Cayman court again allows an insolvent firm to file for liquidation in secrecy, despite NYSE listing Offshore Alert

Malaysia: Ensure TP documents in place to avoid being penalised by Inland Revenue Board The Star

U.S. PIRG Applauds Bipartisan Bill Barring Tax Write-Offs for Corporate Wrongdoing
See also: Government must shut down corporate tax havens Huffington Post

Leading US senators push Irish government to fully tax Apple, Google etc. Irish Central

The Middle East, Monaco, Singapore: Who’s Profiting From the Swiss Banking Secrecy Ratline? International Business Times

New York Fed Chief Levels Explosive Charge Against Big Banks Huffington Post

It's business that really rules us now The Guardian

Be Terrified: Hong Kong's Banker Babies Are Learning Finance in Pre-K The Atlantic


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