Friday, November 22, 2013

Links Nov 22

Financing progress independently: taxation and illicit flows Development Progress
Alex Cobham on addressing tax and illicit flows within the post-2015 framework.

Help us collect our taxes — African MPs devex

Push against offshore secrecy an uphill battle The Center for Public Integrity

Furore over tax evasion opens door to new EU proposal on corporate tax EurActiv

Lobbyists for the havens: ICIJ's guide to the offshore system's defenders
A very US-centric list, but still interesting

Spooky Business: A New Report On Corporate Espionage Against Non-Profits Center for Corporate Policy

Special Report: How Germany's taxman used stolen data to squeeze Switzerland Reuters

Even a Putin Couldn't Launder Russia's Seediest Bank Bloomberg

Russia: Can the economy be withdrawn from offshore companies? Vestnik Kavkaza
See also: Putin suggests tough measures for tax evaders Russia & India Report

Ukraine: Officials want to plug holes in tax revenue with new law KyivPost

Liechtenstein Banks Back Progress On Tax Compliance Tax-News

Speed to market a major advantage under new BVI regime Hedge Week
See also: Thinking outside of the box: Using the BVI private funds regime Hedge Week " offices/HNWs are increasingly looking for more formal fund structures for their private investment vehicles in order to take advantage of domestic tax deferral and estate planning opportunities"

Guernsey’s Finance Industry Forges Stronger Links With Wealthy China Investors International Business Times

Vietnam: Tax office continues to tackle transfer pricing Vietnamnet

Nokia asks Indian court to release factory seized in tax dispute Reuters

Message to Finance Committee: Close Unfair Tax Loopholes Canadians for Tax Fairness

Delaware Flaunts “Shell Company” Policy with New Website Center for Effective Government

The U.S. as Tax Haven? Aiding Developing Countries by Revoking the Revenue Rule Social Science Research Network
Hat tip: TaxProf Blog

The End of the Era of Multinationals The Tax Analysts Blog

U.S. Why Everyone Is Unhappy with Senator Baucus's Proposal for Taxing Multinational Corporations Citizens for Tax Justice
See also: Avi-Yonah: Preliminary Thoughts on the Baucus International Tax Reform Proposal TaxProf Blog

Tax Fraud: 7 Billionaires Convicted For Tax Evasion SiliconIndia

Nine Little Places That Are Home For One Million Corporations Americans for Tax Fairness / BuzzFeed

Singapore Says Money-Mule Cases Increase as Residents Swindled Bloomberg


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