Monday, November 25, 2013

Links Nov 25

Latest OECD Compliance ratings: what the media in non-compliant countries are saying Financial Secrecy Media Monitor
See also our recent blog Is the OECD's new tax haven report a whitewash? No, but . . .

EU Seeks to Force Firms to Pay Tax on Hybrid-Loan Payments Bloomberg

Taxing times for Singapore as corporate strategy faces scrutiny Reuters

Malaysia: Tax evasion is an act of treason New Straits Times

Tax base erosion major concern for India, China tax authorities The Economic Times
See more on the BEPS Mandate and the OECD Action Plan here.

U.S.: Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus' Proposal for International Tax Reform TJN-USA
A link to several resources on the International Tax Reform Proposal

Ireland should help tackle scourge of tax dodging The Irish Times
"The Coalition has no plans to introduce a public register of true owners of companies"

"According to figures from the Swiss National Bank, tax evasion is prospering" Le Temps (In French)
Hat tip: Bruno Gurtner. On a book published by Economist Gabriel Zucman. See also our recent blog Gabriel Zucman on tax havens: "It is as if Earth was partly owned by the planet Mars.".

Hedge Funds: Turning ‘Private’ The New Game In Town ValueWalk
"Are hedge funds dodging the Dodd-Frank?"

End the 1 percent’s free ride: Taxing land would solve America’s biggest problems Salon

Money laundering is the perfect crime. It is almost impossible to detect laSexta (In Spanish)

The UK’s tax havens are coming to London War on Want
Take action now and email the Foreign Office to demand they act to abolish the UK’s network of tax havens. See also Activists and MPs take on City’s influence on Parliament The Independent

MPs must ask stock exchange regulator why it failed to act on ENRC Global Witness
See also: Curious tale of the central Asian oligarchs and the City of London The Guardian, and Top UK estate agent: top end of housing market is in a slump Treasure Islands Blog

Here is our best approximation of where the world’s tax havens are Quartz

European apathy spells end for corporate social responsibility rules The Guardian

Representation Without Taxation - The Loopy Tax Strategies Of Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon Silicon Valley Watcher

LinkedIn goes 'unlimited' to keep accounts private


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