Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Links Nov 27

Cayman Islands court will still protect trusts from bad tax decisions Cayman News Service
Very important implications to note here. TJN has repeatedly cautioned on trusts being used as vehicles to escape fig-leaf measures to curb tax evasion. See also: Cayman Islands Government consulting on beneficial ownership disclosure Cayman News Service

Two theories about gold: Swiss data secrecy suggests a sinister explanation for India's gold fetish Business Standard

From 2015, Argentina will access Swiss bank accounts La NaciĆ³n
Hat-tip Jorge Gaggero. Timeframe allows plenty of scope for moving or restructuring assets.

Cyprus news: Finance Minister defends Cyprus record following negative OECD rating Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Isle of Man Joins Multilateral Tax Co-operation Network Tax-News

Liechtenstein Signs OECD Multilateral Tax Convention Tax-News

Illicit financial flows: a global problem Revista Humanum (In Spanish)
Spanish language version of a piece by Alex Cobham on the post-2015 agenda, linked recently in English

UK: Five tips for Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne on banking reform The Guardian
Prem Sikka comments on the post-crash banking Bill going through parliament

UK: MP Margaret Hodge attacks 'voluntary' tax policies for rich The Guardian

City of London: Biggest Tax Haven in the World Format (In German)

American Express Uses Offshore Tax Havens to Lower Its Taxes Citizens for Tax Justice

Bitcoin Hedge Fund Posts Staggering Return ValueWalk
See recent links for commentary on risks of Bitcoin as a vehicle for money-laundering and tax evasion.


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