Friday, November 29, 2013

Links Nov 29

Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Malta sign up to fight tax evasion Financial Times (paywall)
The tone of the headline is perhaps a trifle optimistic, but Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and Malta are reported to have agreed to share tax information automatically with Britain, along with Colombia, Greece and Iceland, as the latest to sign up to an information-sharing pilot scheme launched in April by Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

France dragging its feet on EU tax-evasion fight EurActiv

Benelux Focuses On Strengthened Tax Cooperation Tax-News

FINMA chief warns Swiss banks to cooperate swissinfo
See also: Ex-UBS banker Weil agrees to extradition to US swissinfo

Swiss court agrees bank data transfer to Tunis swissinfo
The question is always, how is it that the assets were accepted in the first place? See also: West failing to return billions of dollars in fines from foreign bribery cases The Guardian

Irish sense advantage in foreign firm drive swissinfo
"Ireland competes fiercely with Switzerland in the “industry” of attracting the large scale operations of global corporations – and their tax receipts."

Offshore Tax Havens Are Under Attack - But What About New Zealand? Digital Journal
Introducing a new book "The Land Without A Banking Law - How to Start a Bank with a Thousand Dollars". New Zealand is ranked at 48th position on the 2013 Financial Secrecy Index.

Barclays haven’t stepped up to Action Aid’s challenge because all the evidence suggests they’re selling tax abuse from Mauritius Tax Research UK

ENRC listing fiasco sparks vital debate about stock market regulation Global Witness

Caribbean Financial Action Task Force blacklists Belize; is banking sector in jeopardy Channel 5 Belize

We’re Not Tax Havens, Pledge British Territories iExpats
A familiar theme. See also how the 2013 Financial Secrecy Index reveals the UK runs the biggest part of the global secrecy network.

UK Prime Minister Cameron pressed on Google Bermuda 'tax dodge' Ekklesia

British Outpost BVI Struggles to Shake Off the Past Wall Street Journal - Markets Pulse

Canada: Finance Minister Jim Flaherty 'Not Aware' Of Mint Chair's Tax-Haven Dealings CBC

UK: Why BTL equals "Big Tax Let-Off" Intergenerational Foundation


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