Monday, December 02, 2013

Links Dec 2

Cayman Islands, Costa Rica sign tax pacts with U.S. Reuters

FINMA chief warns Swiss banks to cooperate swissinfo.
But several banks may refuse the US deal. See also: Swiss Point Man on U.S. Tax Evasion Issue Heads to Washington The Wall Street Journal

Not so cool for tax avoidance anymore! The Hindu Business Line
"Liabilities of Swiss banks towards Indians have drastically declined, according to data released by the Swiss National Bank. Only time will reveal the new destinations to which the money may have been moved." If they're in discretionary trusts, they may not have to move anywhere: they may simply no longer be technically classified as "Indian," even if they still are from an economic point of view.

Will the popular tax haven Cyprus fall in line? The Hindu Business Line. 
India has classified Cyprus as a non-cooperative tax jurisdiction.

Seychelles says nothing murky about its tax transparency Reuters
A familiar theme. "Despite there being no concrete examples of non-compliance." Really? How about this? Seychelles is ranked at 28th position in the 2013 Financial Secrecy Index

Tax chief: Israel won't be a tax haven Globes
Israel is ranked at 38th position in the 2013 Financial Secrecy Index

Tax Havens Are Your Problem, Bermudan Finance Chief Tells Britain Forbes

UK: Tax avoidance tops public poll of business concerns Ethical Performance

Margaret Thatcher Estate Avoids Millions in Inheritance Tax International Business Times

Fresh money laundering inquiry for HSBC amid fears bankers are using gem traders to evade tax This is Money

Philippines’ embattled taxman takes aim at the famous The National

Australian Tax Office targets companies as $1.8b in revenue looms Financial Review
See also: Australia to lead a G20 push against corporate tax dodgers The Voice of Russia

Bombay High Court refers Vodafone share sale dispute to tax panel The Economic Times

Tax nous could be the best weapon in the fight against fraud The Lawyer

Floating tax haven for the rich; the idea sails again NBC


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