Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Links Dec 31

How Luxembourg has become a black hole of global finance Mediapart (In French)
Shows the Captured State in action, as described in our Finance Curse document. Luxembourg is ranked in second position on the 2013 Financial Secrecy Index.

Swiss banks sign up for US tax programme swissinfo

Why does Italy’s Google Tax matter? Tax Research UK

Ireland: Firms 'use offshore trusts to pay huge bonuses' Independent

Latest update: Release Of Offshore Records Draws Worldwide Response ICIJ

In No One We Trust The New York Times
Joe Stiglitz comments on how trust in society and the economy is becoming a casualty of staggering inequality.

U.S.: Ultra-Wealthy Dodge Billions in Taxes Using "GRAT" Loophole Citizens for Tax Justice

Hungary tax whistleblower: ‘People who expose corruption have to be afraid’ euronews

Corporate tax reform and the biggest tech tax havens FInFacts

Transparency for fund directorships: It’s already here Cayman Financial Review
Views on the scenario where "... about half the world’s independent directorships are held by just over 230 Cayman-based individuals – that is to say less than 10 percent of worldwide directors accounting for the oversight of 3,200 funds with trillions of dollars managed by over 1,000 different investment advisors."

Court bans US businesswoman from Cayman trip Compass Cayman

UK think tank: Bermuda still a tax haven Bermuda Sun

End of year gift to readers: OECD FATF country ratings as an excel file Financial Secrecy Media Monitor


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