Friday, December 06, 2013

Links Dec 6

The Swiss tax agreement – £3.2 billion in a year has suddenly become £1.4 billion, at best Tax Research UK
See also our recent blog British tax authorities discover that Swiss banking is secret. See also: UK Chancellor's £9bn tax avoidance claims met with scepticism by campaigners The Guardian, Treasury takes aim at murky hedge funds in £3bn tax avoidance crackdown The Independent, Banks engaging in aggressive tax avoidance could be named and shamed This is Money, UK Chancellor Osborne to Tax Capital Gains on Home Sales by Non-Residents Bloomberg Businessweek For reporting by Nick Shaxson on murky dealings involving the UK property market see here and here.

From Taxes to Illicit Flows: Mobilising Domestic Resources through Development Cooperation Think Africa Press

Closer than they appear: African mines, Canadian responsibility & global transparency TRACE

The wormholes of the world economy - The secrets of the vaults Buenos Aires Herald

Swiss banks delay participation in plan to settle tax evasion The Irish Times

U.S. IRS not fully ready for law against offshore tax evasion -watchdog Reuters

U.S.: Letter of Support: Replace the Sequester by Closing Corporate Tax Loopholes FACT Coalition

Supreme Court Won't Rule on New York's "Amazon Law" Citizens for Tax Justice

PwC’s alleged irregularities under Supreme Court scanner The Hindu

‘Double Irish’ limits Facebook’s tax bill to €1.9m in Ireland Financial Times (paywall)
See also: Facebook paid €1.9m in Irish tax on €1.7bn turnover The Irish Times "Latest accounts show jump in royalty payments to Cayman-owned company"

TJN Germany Blog Links

G20 global tax debate vital for New Zealand The New Zealand Herald

French Court Validates Most Of Anti-Tax Fraud Law Tax-News

Guernsey news: Plans to make Bitcoins, compliments from Shanghai and e-gaming regulation agreement with Malta Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

China: Bitcoin Isn’t a Real Currency The Wall Street Journal
See also: China Restricts Banks’ Use of Bitcoin New York Times

Berlusconi says community service for tax fraud conviction beneath him UPI


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