Thursday, January 09, 2014

Links Jan 9

Tell Barclays To Clean Up its Act ActionAid

The G20 and the taxing issue of making big business pay The Conversation

Dirty Money, Rich Smell The Economist

In U.S., efforts to fight offshore secrecy hit snags ICIJ

Court ruling outlines US case against Julius Baer swissinfo
See also: Ex-UBS banker pleads not guilty in US tax case swissinfo

Switzerland news: Bribes in Greek defense corruption scandal deposited in Swiss banks Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Switzerland news: Financial roundtable of banking experts manages not to discuss tax Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

Bahamas Enjoys Swiss Private Wealth 'Influx' Tribune242

Unable to bank on Switzerland, India intensifies pressure for information on tax evaders, account holders The Economic Times
Switzerland promises India transparency - then offers peanuts. Possibly in discretionary trusts so assets not technically "Indian"

Nokia's Indian Tax Row Escalates Tax-News

Google faces £24m British tax bill over share scheme routed through Ireland The Irish Times

Pressure to end digital ‘tax bonanza’ Financial Times
"Seven US technology giants, including Appleand eBay, paid just £54m in UK corporate tax in 2012"

British Virgin Islands: Latest data confirms downward trend in company incorporations Financial Secrecy Media Monitor

It's time Britain made mining giants reveal their hidden profits and owners to help end this $160billion tax rip-off of poor countries Daily Mail

Spain's Princess Cristina charged with tax fraud, money-laundering Reuters

The year that almost saw a clampdown on tax evasion EUObserver

Paris wants to remove Bermuda and Jersey from tax haven list EurActiv

Federal government’s tax evaders whistleblower program delayed

Singapore figured out how to tax bitcoin—treat it like a product, not money Quartz

Simon Johnson Reminds Us That the Banks’ Quiet Coup is Still Very Much in Place naked capitalism

Drugs and the city: an open secret, so why no testing? The Conversation

UK: Hedge funds that now own 30% of Co-op Bank channel majority of their investments through offshore tax havens This Is Money


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