Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TJN programmes - new web page

The Tax Justice Network has just published a new section on its website, which provides an overview of some of the most important areas being pursued by TJN-international. (Some national-level TJN programmes are not included; these will be added in due course.) The basic list of programmes is below. TJN welcomes support and engagement on all of these, from a wide variety of partners.

  • The Road to Doha
  • EU Savings Tax Directive
  • Country-by-Country reporting.
  • A UN Code of Conduct on Tax Evasion
  • A TJN Code of Conduct on Taxation
  • Financial Transparency Index
  • Mapping the Faultlines
  • Plato Index
  • Tax competition
  • Source and Residence Taxation (coming soon)
  • Corruption
  • Tax and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • UK Domicile
  • Tax and state-building
The web site provides details of all the different programmes, under "Activities" on the home page. For more information, click here.


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