Thursday, November 13, 2008

Links - Nov 13

Today's links.

Swiss Bank Executive Charged with Aiding U.S. Taxpayers Evade Income Tax
Nov 12 (US Department of Justice) – Raoul Weil, a senior executive of a large Swiss bank with offices worldwide, including the United States, has been charged with conspiring with other executives, managers, private bankers and clients of the banking firm to defraud the United States, the Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced today. NY Times story here.

Ireland Feels the Obama Heat
Nov 13 (Tax Research) - From the Irish Voice this morning: THE Irish government is preparing an intense lobbying campaign to persuade President-elect Barack Obama to keep almost 100,000 jobs in U.S. multinationals in Ireland. Murphy examines the issues.

Shanghai Keen To Emulate Guernsey Finance Model
Nov 12 - Tu Guangshao, the Vice-Mayor of Shanghai, has spoken during a visit to Guernsey of how his city would like to use the Island as a role model for the development of its own financial services sector.

Ireland's Lisbon Treaty Tax Fears Unfounded, by Jason Gorringe,
Nov 13 (Tax News) - Ireland's acceptance of the European Union's new constitution, known as the Lisbon Treaty, would not have led to the government losing control of tax policy as feared by the 'no' campaign in June's referendum on the treaty, according to the Irish Taxation Institute.

Warren Buffett and the Estate Tax
Nov 11 (Oxford University blog) - Professor Zelinsky suggests that Buffett, a prominent and outspoken proponent of the federal estate tax, who has criticised the fact that he pays a lower tax rate than his secretary, could and should contribute his fortune on a taxable basis.

Information générale Justice : l'Etat travaille à la création d'un «service fiscal judiciaire»
Nov 11 (L' - French Budget minister Eric Woerth is working towards setting up a powerful "judicial fiscal service" to fight against complex tax evasion. Rough translation here.


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