Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Links - Dec 16

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Even in this crisis, the government still offers refuge to pinstriped pirates
Dec 16 (Guardian) - By George Monbiot - Last month the British government announced that it will introduce new laws to prevent piracy: the armed forces will be allowed to detain ships and arrest suspected robbers on the high seas. Yet the same government offers an attractive portfolio of tropical and temperate islands in which pinstriped pirates can bury their treasure. NB he mistakenly refers to the Doha trade talks, not the Doha FfD talks.

For Tax Cheats, Meltdown Prompts Amnesty Offers
Dec 15 (AP) -- Turns out it's a pretty good time to be a tax cheat. Desperate to bring in revenue in the middle of a recession, states across the country are adopting tax amnesty programs, offering to let people pay their past-due tax bills with little or no penalties or interest.

Swiss Finance Ministry Announces Corporate Tax Reform,
Dec 15 (Tax news) - Switzerland's Federal Department of Finance (FDF) on Wednesday laid the foundation for major corporate tax reform, with proposals to simplify the federal and cantonal tax system in a bid to improve the country's international tax "competitiveness."


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