Sunday, December 07, 2008

The pope supports tax justice

TJN's director John Christensen recently described his role in a remarkable meeting of the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace at the Vatican, and a subsequent Vatican Reflection Paper which his intervention undoubtedly influenced. That last blog made some absolutely crucial points, and should be read, as essential background for this blog.

Now we also note a new article in The Observer newspaper about this, entitled "Pope attacks tax havens for robbing poor."

The article also quotes John Christensen:

"This shows that one of the world's most influential institutions realises that central to any attempt to reform the world's financial system must be a recognition that trust can only flow once radical steps to improve transparency and disclosure are taken."

And the newspaper also notes:

"The Pope's stance on tax havens is part of a growing trend. President-elect Barack Obama has vowed to close loopholes that see US citizens avoid an estimated $100bn in taxes each year. And last month Alistair Darling announced a fundamental review of 'offshore centres' under UK jurisdiction."


Blogger Luc said...

I disagree because 1. a very large percentage of tax revenue is wasted and 2. A large percentage of what remains is given to private banks (and indirectly, Papal investors who don't themselves pay any tax) to pay interest on loans to governments. Those loans being made up of Fiat Money; money that did not even exist until it was created by the fractional reserve system. We are enslaved by that immoral debt and anyone supporting either does not understand or is possibly participating in a deception.

9:56 am  
Blogger Tom said...

LUC- you are an idiot!
1. Waste of the revenue doesnt warrant the taxing athorities to turn a blind eye on the tax cheaters.
2."Papal Investors"? Are you insane? Who are they?
3. Fractional Reserve System is a seperate issue..we're talking about taxes and collecting them from evaders in tax havens.

6:16 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom - You are the one who is poorly informed - a condition which lends an otherwise dispassionate third party to question YOUR mental acuity - not LUC's!

Asset havens, inter alia, offer refuge from law abiding citizens who do, indeed, pay their taxes, but also believe that the "right to privacy" (supposedly so dear to liberals) necessarily includes at least some small measure of FINANCIAL PRIVACY. Also, asset havens provide at least some protection against the widespread abuses of civil asset forfeiture - where the government can literally steal a person's money and assets while never charging him/her with ANY crime! I would suggest that you visit for specific and detailed information on this widespread and tyrannical abusive practice - one utterly ignored by the Pope. There is no hope for freedom in any land where the government can take away peoples hard earned property through ex parte proceedings that flout the very foundation of a citizen's Constitutional and natural rights.

Tom - I would respectfully suggest that you educate yourself a bit on this issue. Your tirade is quite embarrassing!

7:09 pm  

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