Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Links - Jan 7

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Write-Offs a Boon to Builders, Bankers
Jan 6 (WSJournal) - The main business tax cuts proposed by President-elect Barack Obama are likely to be a windfall for two industries particularly tied to the current economic meltdown: Wall Street investment banks and home builders.

Head of City praises tax reform plans
Jan 3 (FT) – London’s lord mayor favours deepening the corruption of Britain’s tax system.

A look back at famous tax cheaters of 2008
Jan (Accounting Web) - A recap of some of the high-profile cases that hit the newspapers in the last year. Wesley Snipes, Joe Francis, Nicolas Cage, Helio Castroneves, Paul Hogan, Raffaello Follieri, Melissa Etheridge.

Fiscal Therapy
Jan / Feb 09 (MotherJones) - The Obama administration could tell the Caymans-now fifth in the world in bank deposits-to repeal its bank secrecy laws or be invaded; since the island nation’s total armed forces consists of about 300 police officers, it shouldn’t be hard for technicians and auditors, accompanied by a few Marines, to fly in and seize all the records. Bermuda, which relies on the Royal Navy for its military, could be next, and so on.

Euroclear hides its links with Madoff
Dec 24 (Mediaattitudes) - Euroclear denies being tangled up in the Madoff scandal, but Mediaattitudes finds some interesting traces. In French (English translation here.)


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