Thursday, March 26, 2009

TJN Germany - spreading its wings

Today at 2pm, and led by TJN-Germany, 17 German civil society organizations handed over a call for a determined clampdown on tax havens to the German Secretary of Finance, Nicolette Kressl. Click here to read it. The advances already achieved against tax havens - not least because of pressure applied by the German government on secrecy jurisdictions such as Liechtenstein and Switzerland - are welcome, but far from sufficient. Major developmental NGOs and trade unions are among the signatories.

There are more good things happening in Germany. TJN-Germany is launching a blog in German that will go live on Monday, 1 April, 2009 right before the G20-summit. The link is here.

TJN-Germany also plans to build up a German TJN-website soon, though some technical details remain to be sorted out at this stage.

Macht euch bereit. Und viel SpaƟ.


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