Monday, October 26, 2009

Jersey politician seeks political asylum

From Britain's Daily Mail:

"A leading Jersey politician accused of leaking a police report is claiming asylum at the House of Commons because he believes he will not be given a fair trial on the island."

The Telegraph has more here. We are not familiar with the details of this particular case, but we can confirm from very long and deep experience and contacts with many people there (and TJN's John Christensen is former economic adviser to Jersey) that the legal system in Jersey is heavily influenced by political interests; and that Syvret, an outspoken opponent of "the Firm" (as he calls those in positions of high authority on the islands,) has been subjected to police and other proceedings that are inspired for purely political reasons. The Telegraph notes:

"Asked if he thought, he would get a fair trial, Mr Syvret, replied: “No way, not a prayer. The courts will still find me guilty, no matter what, because they are so politicised.”"


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