Friday, November 06, 2009

Seriously Serious Public Service Announcement Premieres

For the last few months, members of The Outlandish Revenue Service have been beavering away to make the G20 to keep their promise to enable developing countries to tackle tax dodging before the end of this year.

Like TJN, we think that only a global, multilateral, automatic tax information exchange agreement will do.

We’ve been busy recruiting Treasury staff to our organisation, getting 3,000 people to bombard Chancellor Alistair Darling with final demands for the outlandish revenues pilfered from poor countries, and also on a Seriously Serious Public Service Announcement for Tax Justice.

After coming across possibly the most boring video on tax ever, we took on the tricky task of transforming it into a blockbuster. Our new recruits got straight down to business and last night, we premiered the newly outlandish version last night at the Magic Circle HQ.

After watching a preview last week, Treasury Minister Stephen Timms pledged to push hard for a G20 deal that really works for developing countries. Of course, that’s easy enough for him to say, but we’ll be on the case to make sure he actually delivers.

TJN’s Richard Murphy was also in attendance at the premiere, enlightening the audience the impact of his prolific blogging, as well as providing some much needed sartorial advice to The Outlandish Revenue Service!

Look out for the next project that we’ll be launching shortly…


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