Thursday, December 17, 2009

Canada's moral transformation on tax?

From Canada's Globe and Mail:

"Canada has undergone a moral transformation when it comes to offshore tax evasion, and what may have been considered exotic is no longer tolerated by the average taxpayer, the Minister of National Revenue said yesterday.

At a certain period of time in this country, and I may say a few years ago, it's like it was excellent to not pay your taxes,” Jean-Pierre Blackburn said. “It's like it was, ‘Oh, you're a lucky person,' – seeing it as good. But it's not like that any more. People, they don't like to see anyone cheating.”

It's a positive development, though this is one person's view. It is hardly surprising that there has been at least some shift:

"We have a deficit this year of $56-billion. People have to pay their due to the government,” he said."


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