Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Offshore insider to blow whistle, again

We've noticed this, from Offshore Alert, which runs well-attended annual conferences on offshore.

"Former offshore private banker Rudolf Elmer will 'tell-all' about his experiences as a Bank Julius Baer whistleblower in an appearance at this year's OffshoreAlert conference in May.

Elmer has agreed to talk openly and frankly about what he believes is the bank's complicity in global tax evasion by its clients and go into the reasons that made him offer client-records to the world's tax authorities."

As Elmer says:

"If I had not worked in eight well-known Offshore Financial Centers and finally in Africa, I would not have discovered the biggest predatory theft in history of humanity and its catastrophic consequences for the poorest people of the earth."

"The people of this world demand fair play in sport, why do they not demand this also from the financial institutions and multi-national conglomerates which maintain dubious companies in OFCs simply to evade or avoid paying their fair share of taxes in their homeland?"

One downside for the OffshoreAlert conferences, though - they cost a fortune.


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