Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Death and tax havens

One the OECD Insight page Vanessa Herringshaw, London director of Revenue Watch, has a short piece. It doesn't carry anything especially new, but puts the case well.

"Death and taxes are an ugly old couple with no friends. And if this man is right, soon, as John Donne predicted, death, thou shalt die.

That leaves taxes. But not only do some people not want them to die, they want them to grow vigorous and flourish. Why?"

It continues.

"It’s now being argued that the tax collector, eternal pariah, has a noble role to play."

And the OECD itself is quoted:

“We have a common understanding of the central role taxation plays in development and poverty reduction: a strong tax system is the heart of a country’s financial independence, its revenues are the lifeblood of the state itself.”

We're also pleased to see TJN's Aid, Tax and Finance for Development page being highlighted at the OECD.


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