Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Questions for Saint Bob

Non-governmental organisations in Britain have clashed with the high-profile charity campaigner and former singer Bob Geldof. This article by John Hilary of the organisation War on Want is the latest, and it's worth reading -- even though it inexplicably skips over one of the most important questions for Geldof: what is his position on tax havens? On the one hand, he has said:

"I do not want to hang the bankers. I want to put the more shamefaced and remorseful of them to work, Profumo style. Let them serve their penance by using their skills for a purpose other than self gain. We should employ them in an institution that tracks down cash stolen by corrupt figures in Africa and passed through global launderettes such as the City of London to nestle in an obscure Alpine bank to be used later for a coup"

But as far as we are aware (please correct us if we're wrong) he has not made a clear statement on his own tax affairs. (And Bono might like to speak out, too),

We are heartened to see that the comments under the Guardian article -- now ranked, it seems, according to popularity -- have picked up the tax angle very clearly. Now that, it seems, is progress.


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