Friday, June 25, 2010

TJN research seminar, Guatemala

This email has just come in:

First ever TJN Latin American research and training seminar is being held in the city of Antigua, 25 - 27 August, 2010.

Please consider registering before the 2nd July 2010.

We have now completed a nearly final programme of an upcoming research and training event in the city of Antigua in Guatemala, taking place between the 25th to the 27th August. The first day and a half will be a research seminar, and the second day and a half will be a training event. We'd wish participants come for both events, but can also choose to be present for only either one if this is preferred..

If you'd like to participate to this event, or if you'd like to sponsor your partners to participate, please refer to myself, Martin Rodriguez ( ) from ICEFI, and Federico Arenoso ( ) from Poder Ciudadano, for registration. The event organisers have already identified 30 leading Latin American civil society actors, and central american policy-makers to participate. We have decided to open up the seminar for further participants, to increase the audience so that others can also benefit from the programme.

It's important to have:

1) names of participants, and contact details;
2) the organisations they represent;
3) days they will travel (and thus be included in conference package);
4) and billing information (i.e. who to address an invoice).

We will then administer a preparatory package: including pre-reading materials, and a participant questionnaire to better prepare the conference, so again essential to pre-register so we have everybody included in the participatory and preparatory work of the seminar.

In this case ICEFI will prepare a conference package price of approximately 150-200 USD per day, which includes hotel accommodation, airport pick-up, half-board, local transport, and conference participation. ICEFI will confirm the rate as we negotiate the hotel, and for this reason advance registration 2 months prior is essential for negotiating good rates in the middle of the summer tourist season in the old colonial city of Antigua, which receives many tourists in the summer.

We will send a full programme in both English and Spanish as soon as we confirm the two final speakers in the research seminar, and as soon as our Argentinean partner Poder Ciudadano gives us the final version of the training programme.


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